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  • Werth advocated for better equipment in the weight room and Rizzo took the requests to ownership. The Lerners bought both a single and double isokinetic activation device for $4,500. Position players use the single to build core strength. Pitchers use the double to strengthen their shoulders, one of the most important precautionary measures they can take.

    Excerpt from an article in The Washington Post
    featuring Washington Nationals' Jayson Werth

  • Great cardio training to prep for my Bodybuilding Competition.
    Looking for a HITT workout? Surge 360 will deliver.

    Anthony Spencer

    WNBF Pro Body Builder
    Personal Training Director
    Gold’s Gym, Richmond VA

  • The 360 has provided a change of pace for my clients. I use it as a warm up, during training routines, and as a BIG FINISH. The fact my clients can just step up on the platform and start moving has proven to be very effective during training sessions. No adjustments to be made, just pure multiplanar movements that give the client a strong base of support while training all energy systems.  I will continue to use the 360 to enhance the experience of my client’s training sessions.

    Shannon Wallace, Jr.

    Founder & Director of Performance
    368 Athletics, Inc. and 368 Performance Training

  • Because our workouts at Efficient Exercise are brief, intense, and infrequent, we have to get the most out of our clients in a very short amount of time. The 360 becomes “the” warm up for most of our clients as in a matter of seconds, the client is ready for what the workout calls for that day. We also integrate the 360 as one of our interval training stations in our group training workouts. It is a simple, yet effective tool that does not require much coaching or attention from our trainers therefore it fits in well into the group training schema. So whether it be an efficient warm up device or an effective interval training tool, the 360 should be part of your arsenal.

    Mark Alexander

    CEO and Founder
    Efficient Exercise

  • First off, wanted to let you know I’m being continually amazed by the Surge 360. Every new athlete or client I get comes with new challenges (sports specific, injuries, muscle imbalances, etc). Because of the Surge’s versatility I can formulate custom movements tailor made for their situation.
    Just today I trained a woman in her late 50’s. Both rotator cuffs were severely damaged. Push ups, pulls ups or traditional movement caused inflammation and immediate pain. We worked with a staggered stance and single arm movements. NO PAIN and she was pushing and pulling hard, working up a sweat and loving it.
    Right after her I worked with an MMA fighter. Being a boxer his chest and shoulders were extremely tight. He complained of tightness and fatigue during sparring sessions and his fights. I was able to pinpoint and target the undertrained/weak muscles in his upper back with the Surge. By the end of five sets, his chest had opened up his shoulders were loose, fast and explosive.
    Trust me. You made me look good today.

    Curt Ligot

    Founder and Owner
    Ligot Training Systems

  • As a Personal Fitness Professional with over 15 years of experience, I believe that the SURGE 360 is a much-needed piece of fitness equipment for every training facility. Unlike other pieces of equipment, the SURGE 360 allows me to train a wide variety of clients whether they are a 75 year old female client or one of the many Professional Athletes I work with. The ability to use the SURGE 360 in a kneeling, seated, standing, standing single leg, lunging and squatting position while simultaneously loading the arms in any direction provides the ability to work with any demographic out there.

    Valorie Ness

    Catalyst Fitness

  • We use the SURGE 180 for all of our players. It is very effective to teach and train tennis specific muscles and movements. It is a very nice addition to our daily training.

    Satoshi Ochi

    Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
    U.S. Tennis Association

  • The 360 has provided us here at Sports Lab NYC with a very valuable tool for performance rehabilitation. We are currently using the 360 to condition our lower body rehab patients that can not yet load their lower bodies dynamically. We are also using the 360 with shoulder patients that are in the last phases of rehab. The apparatus provides us with a tool that helps improve range of motion (multi-planar) and strength endurance without the stress of eccentric loading.

    Ben Velazquez

    Managing Partner, Sports Lab NYC
    SPT Advisory Board Member

  • When you talk about Ground-Based Functional Training, there is no better tool in the market than the 360. When you are working with public figures like an Award Winning Actor and the Biggest Box Office Draw on the Planet Robert Downey Jr. or World Champion Boxer’s like Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin, there is no room to risk implementing training tools that don’t help them develop and maintain championship level endurance, strength, power, speed and flexibility.
    The 360 is diverse yet specific in the way I can apply it into a work-out so every client gets exactly what they need.
    That is why I not only use their equipment with all of my clients but I joined their Advisory Board. I want to help them develop and market machines to help millions of people across the world live healthier and more productive lives and unleash the champion inside all of them!!

    Brad Bose, PhD

    Owner of Anatomi Studio in Santa Monica, CA
    SURGE Performance Training Advisory Board Member

  • Trunk mobility is vital and core strength is paramount to power and maintaining spine angle. The 180 is a great tool to safely and effectively condition my clients to enhance their play on and off the course.

    Jim Estes

    Director of Instruction Olney Golf Park
    Co-Founder Salute Military Golf Association
    2010 PGA Patriot Award Winner
    Former PGA Tour Member

  • I’ve seen athletes use the 360. It is a great work-out, sport-specific and really challenges the push pull. I really like the ability to get after it and add high speeds into your training. We are really excited about this piece. We have athletes using the 360; My main guy Craig Stoddard in Fair Lawn NJ, probably one of the largest sports training centers in the country in terms of volume, really makes great use of the 360!! I highly recommend this power endurance training tool for all of my colleagues across the Parisi network and performance coaches and trainers at every level.

    Bill Parisi

    Parisi Speed School

  • The 360 is a very well designed piece of equipment that has numerous applications in any strength and conditioning program. I love the 360’s functionality in particular as a warm up and recovery tool. The 360’s durability and easy to move design make it a great tool with tons of options within a strength program!

    Ted Rath

    Strength Coach
    Detroit Lions

  • Go as hard as you can for 30 seconds, it’s a full body workout.

    A.J. Hawk

    Green Bay Packers

  • The 360 is better than any other machine on the market, when it comes to developing strength, power and endurance for a wrestler’s hand fighting and pummeling skills. This machine allows for a wrestler to condition their body in a way that most emulates the act of wrestling. I see the 360 being in every wrestling room in the country, if not the world very soon.

    Steve Fraser

    Head Coach
    USA Olympic Wrestling

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