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Piston Training

Piston training will give you some of the fastest results you've ever experienced. Here's why:

Piston Training uses hydraulic pistons to provide uniquely responsive resistance that responds to the force being applied to the piston. In short, the harder you push the harder the pistons resist. The pistons’ configuration within Surge equipment allows variable resistance (ie, from low to very heavy) on 360 degrees of motion as controlled by the user. These two characteristics combined create a training platform that allows you to achieve the safest maximum resistance for a wide range of total body, compound functional movements – without the risk of overloading or injury.

Piston Training is ideal for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and functional training overall:


High intensity interval training is the practice of exercising at an extremely high intensity for a short period of time, interspersed by periods of moderate to low intensity exercise. Benefits of HIIT include:

  • More efficient fat loss1
  • Improved athletic performance, even for already well-trained athletes2
  • Shorter time to results3


Functional training is the practice of exercising the entire muscular chain involved in compound movements as they would naturally be used in day-to-day living, rather than focusing on one particular muscle. Benefits include:

  • Better overall fitness, endurance, and posture4
  • Faster overall strength gain and balance than fixed-equipment training5

The scientific benefits of these types of training are clear. And there are many workouts and pieces of equipment that are designed to help people experience the benefits of functional training and HIIT.


Surge developed its Piston Training platforms to help high level athletes realize the benefits of HIIT and functional training in a more efficient, effective way. Our earliest customers were NFL Strength and Conditioning coaches interested in safely training more explosive movements without risk of injury. The resulting technology allows elite, professional, and combat athletes to achieve the same intensity levels in training as actual competition, but in a controlled, low impact environment. The secret? Piston Technology.


Functional Movement – Every Piston Training movement is a natural, compound, athletic action that recruits maximum involvement of muscle groups, joints, tendons, ligaments, and bones. The Alternating Punch movement recruits upper body anterior and posterior chain, core, hips, and foot force. These movements develop the synchronized speed, strength, coordination, and balance required for athletic movement. In addition, agonist and antagonist muscle groups are trained equally for total body posture and balance.

Power & Speed – Piston Technology lets you apply maximum force through the entire range of motion in an exercise. This means that every point of each movement accommodates the user’s most intense effort, safely. This intensity develops the power and speed athletes want.

Ground Based Movements – Virtually every functional movement in daily life begins like every athletic movement – with feet planted firmly on the ground. This means that training movements requiring a firm, stabilized rooting are more beneficial than movements with the athlete lying or sitting on a machine. Surge’s product design is the most effective tool for developing ground-based balance and force transfer. As intensity increases in a Surge workout, so does the force generated and trained through the feet connected to the ground.

Core Body Strengthening – Surge’s ground-based design activates the core muscle chain for almost any movement. Not only is core strength developed, but stabilization and balance are developed as well.


The effectiveness of Piston Training has been proven. A recent study found that6 people using Piston Training for a 30 minute workout (10 minutes of work time and 20 minutes of recovery time):

  • Burn as many as 81% more calories than typical weight lifting workouts lasting 30 minutes.
  • Burn as many, or up to 47% more calories than typical cardio workouts lasting 30 minutes (elliptical, treadmill, exercise bike).
  • Are the only ones burning calories by working both cardiovascular and muscular systems simultaneously

In short, Piston Training impacts the body as if you worked with weights while also using the treadmill or elliptical – it’s a simple but powerful concept.


The benefits of Piston Training are real, and have been recognized by athletes and trainers at the highest level of performance and competition. Clients include NFL, NHL and MLB teams, world-class combat athletes, Olympic teams, bodybuilders, and action movie stars.

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