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Hydraulic Performance Training

Hydraulic Performance Training

Hydraulic Performance Training (HPT) with the Surge360 provides variable resistance in any direction determined by the force applied—building total body strength, power, and endurance. Smooth, non-jarring movements and transitions allow you to train for multi-directional power while limiting the risk of injury.

Build dynamic power, endurance, and core strength through low-impact high intensity exercises

Balance your musculature and create efficient movement, shoring up weak links in the kinetic chain

Burn more calories in 10 minutes of work than 30 minutes of traditional cardio!

Benefits of Hydraulic Performance Training

Surge Performance Training’s earliest customers were NFL Strength and Conditioning coaches interested in safely training more explosive, multi-directional movements without risk of injury. The resulting technology allows elite athletes to achieve the same intensity levels in training as actual competition, but in a controlled, low impact environment. This same technology makes it ideal for any level of fitness, targeting much needed core strength, stamina, and fast twitch muscle recruitment while safely loading the body.

Every Surge360 exercise is a natural, compound, athletic action that maximally recruits the entire kinetic chain. E.g., The Push Pull movement recruits the upper body anterior and posterior chain, core, and hips. These movements develop the synchronized speed, strength, coordination, and balance required for athletic movement and life.


Real Results

Real Results

The effectiveness of Hydraulic Performance Training has been proven. A recent study found that 6 people using Piston Training for a 30 minute workout (10 minutes of work time and 20 minutes of recovery time):

Burn as many as 81% more calories than typical weight lifting workouts lasting 30 minutes.

Burn as many, or up to 47% more calories than typical cardio workouts lasting 30 minutes (elliptical, treadmill, exercise bike).

Are the only ones burning calories by working both cardiovascular and muscular systems simultaneously

In short, HPT impacts the body as if you worked with weights while also using the treadmill or elliptical—it’s a simple but powerful concept.

When Should You Use Surge?

Surge Piston Training equipment is used by professional athletes, trainers, physical therapists, and competitors from a wide variety of sports to get truly remarkable results. Generally, Surge equipment gets used in three major ways:

Dynamic Warm-ups

Start off properly. Surge equipment can be used for a 1 to 5 minute total body, progressive, dynamic warm-up to ensure that you are prepared for any workout.

 Circuit Training

Intensify your workouts. Surge equipment can be used to complement any functional regimen or to act as a workout hub.

 Intense Finishing

Guarantee a great workout. Spend three minutes at the end of your workout on a Surge Piston Trainer to reach complete and total body anaerobic failure.